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  1. I have my eye on the 56 1.2 Saving my pennies. Ive been watching a lot of YouTube vids and the lens cant be faulted all apart from lack of weather sealing. I wouldn't worry about that... nothing a plastic bag cant fix if you really do need to shoot in the rain.
  2. Hi Syborg Thanks for the help and support with this issue. I have made progress. I checked your link for Microsoft Photos and as thought it told me that i already had that installed. I searched for Honeyview and downloaded it. I was able to view my images with Honeyview but still no Thumbnails were being generated in the file explorer pages ... just generic icons of Honeyview logo. I searched some more and found a relevant post on DP Review website where someone had same issue. The writer recommended to download Silkypix Raw converter to make sure all required Fuji Code
  3. Hi Syborg Thanks for that. I downloaded the extension. Partial success. The extension has no effect on Windows Photo Viewer. WPV begins opening the file but then crashes with error report. Ive now selected 'Photos' to be the default .raf image viewer. All fuji firmware version 3 folders all populate quickly and open the image. All fujifilm version 4 folders are struggling to populate thumnail images, very randomly as if it will take weeks to populate thumbnails in all folders. Very strange. The ones it has populated when opened quickly change their appearance from settings taken
  4. Hi there X people On 28th October i updated my XT3 to the version 4 Firmware. All was good..... but then i noticed that i couldnt see raw .RAF image thumbnails on my PC once i had transferred the images. All other folders of images taken before 28th have the image thumbnail and I can view each image using Windows Photo Viewer without trouble. However all images taken using after the 28th October using version 4 Firmware do not have a thumbnail image and can not be viewed using Windows Photo Viewer. I have checked all updates are correct for Photo Viewer. Im now stumped as to what to
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