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  1. Beautiful pictures of the street with people. Nicely captured photos with your X-Pro3.
  2. Beautiful sunset in the evening. Marvelous picture.
  3. Yes, 6 Hours of full hd video you can do on a 64 gb card.
  4. I have a battery issue. My camera battery is not running for a long time.
  5. Amazing post. X 20 camera photos are very clear and high quality picture.
  6. I have use Fujifilm X3 camera. It had good features.
  7. Thanks for share this informative post.
  8. This is a very helpful video about focus Fuji x-S-10 camera. Thanks for sharing this post.
  9. Thanks for provide valuable suggestion.
  10. I thinks this is a defected piece. You can change this at service center.
  11. Wonderful picture. Thanks for sharing this high quality images.
  12. Amazing post. Thanks for your sharing this valuable post and website. I agree with this.
  13. I think this is gulf country picture.
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