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  1. Well...this is embarrassing, but maybe helpful for anyone else out there who runs into this - if you change your connection settings to "USB Fixed" you will get the symptoms above. Switch it to "USB Auto" and you should be fine. Basically, while troubleshooting for Webcam usage I switched it and didn't think about the ramifications of leaving it that way. Whoops!
  2. I just picked up my XT2 and flipped the mode dial and nothing happened. And then I clicked the shutter and I got a blinking light, as if it's trying to write to the card, but it doesn't. Only way to stop it is to turn off and hit "OK" to cancel writing to card (happens regardless of if the card is in or not) Basically, it's completely bricked. I'm running 4.4. I tried to "reupdate" to 4.4 and nothing changed. Did a "full reset" from the menu and nothing happened...no settings were even changed. Odd. It turns on and everything seems to work, except the mode dial and releasing the shutter causes it to get stuck trying to write, so essentially worthless except as a webcam (which I have used...and wonder if that's caused the issue) Any ideas?
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