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  1. No, but I'll sure look into it. Thanks.
  2. Thanks, Vince. For some reason, I'm no longer getting the awful choppiness. I think a lot depends on how well I can manage my Final Cut Pro to smooth out these problems.
  3. Thanks, Micke. My "Shutter Speed" indication remains bottom left of my LCD, along with the Aperture and ISO .... but if it ever disappears I'll check to see if things got switched to Auto in the "Dynamic Range" setting. This does seem like a bug that Fujifilm needs to be aware of.
  4. Thanks, Carlo! I admit that I haven't been too deep into the manual... I've seen that "optimized media" but wasn't sure what it was. Now I'll try it.
  5. *UPDATE* I did a "Still Menu Reset" and voilá! I now have all three settings at the bottom of my LCD screen! "SS, F, and ISO A3" .... so thanks for those who tried to help, but now it's solved
  6. On a couple of YT tutorials for the X-T4 and even on Fujifilm’s site: https://fujifilm-x.com/.../beginner-month-2-exposure-and.../ I’ve seen images of the bottom of the LCD screen showing the 3 shooting levels: Shutter speed, Aperture setting, and ISO. If the aperture is changed, the shutter speed changes on the fly (in Aperture Priority) as it should, but.... regardless of the shooting mode, the X-T4 does not show the Shutter Speed in the LCD as it looks here in this screen shot from the Fuji site: I’m using Fujinon’s XF18-55 and the XF50-140 f/2.8 lenses. Thanks in advance for any suggestions! *UPDATE* I did a "Still Menu Reset" and voilá! I now have all three settings at the bottom of my LCD screen! "SS, F, and ISO A3" .... so thanks for those who tried to help, but now it's solved  
  7. I agree, I'm pretty new at the X-T4 as well and I found Kasumi3344's reply a bit insulting. (Later) I read through the book Kasumi3344 offered and found the author's attitude insulting. Come on guys, why not drop the sharp, impatient, know-it-all attitude and just offer helpful information?
  8. Thanks, Willtoride. It's beginning to make sense to me now. I guess I was really stressing the CPU.
  9. I think I figured it out. The X-T4 is relatively new to me, and the Movie mode is even newer... so I messed around with the dials in the Menu and now I can move the vertical EV dial
  10. In movie mode, the exposure comp meter on left of screen is on -1. How do I change it? The camera's exposure compensation dial is on zero. Videos coming out dark. Thanks!
  11. I have a new X-T4 w. an 18-55mm lens. I’ve just started shooting video at 4K, 60p, 400 Mbps When I upload the stills and video by putting the SD card in my MacBook Pro then load the video files in Final Cut Pro, or even watch them in QuickTime player……. 3-4 videos are all choppy and jerky. The MacBook Pro has a 2.5 GHz Quad Core processor; 16GB of memory; a NVIDIA GeForce 2GB graphics card, and I’m running Mac OS 10.15.7 I have 211 GB available disc space. Yet, when I view the footage the X-T4 LCD, it’s flawless, even the sound recorded. What am I doing wrong? Should I be recording at a lesser bitrate and fps? Thanks for any help!
  12. I've been doing photography for nearly 20 years and with each year I become more entranced by the art form. I live along the Pacific Northwest coast and many of my photos reflect that. I hope to contribute to this site and learn from the many fine photographers I've seen here.
  13. Hi, I'm a new member but an old Fuji user. I'm wondering if anyone would venture a guess whether the X110V will have a new iteration any time soon? I'm enjoying the posts here and hope to contribute soon.
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