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  1. Forgot to mention I'm not in the US. Poland.
  2. My local camera store offers rental of XF 56mm but it doesn't have 50/60/80/90 which is really unfortunate. I can return the XF 56mm I just bought so I'd rather get another lens than buy extension tubes for 56.
  3. Thank you for your reply. I just tried it out how close I can get to the bird with my XF 18-55mm at 55 and this is the result (the photo below). Would I be able to get closer or further to the bird's head with XF 90mm (I don't mean the minimum focusing distance but how big the head of the bird would be in the frame with XF 90mm)?
  4. Yeah, actually a flash is a really good idea... But 56 mm lens is not a good lens for what I need. Do you think 60 mm or 80 mm macro would be good for birds photos?
  5. Hello! I run a small pigeon rescue. My rescue also has an adoption program which means we look for adopters for pigeons who can't be released. I need to take attractive photos of each of the birds (portrait and a full body photo). I made a mistake, followed a dog portrait photography tutorials and bought a Fujinon XF 56 mm lens. It indeed works great for taking photos of my dog (I can take a close up photo of her head) but it's not the case with such small animals like pigeons. I am able to only take a photo of their full body, when I try to get a bit closer to shoot just their head the l
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