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  1. I have just purchased a mint condition Fujifilm XS-1, I had one back in 2013 and regretted selling it. I have tried so many different cameras but kept getting frustrated because I hate carrying loads of gear around and trying to decide what lens to put on was driving me mad. I came to the conclusion that I want a super zoom camera with a good quality lens and excellent photo quality. The Sony RX10iii would probably be my ideal camera but at around £1200 or more, it is way too expensive for me. So along came my second XS-1, my first one cost £599 but my second one I got for £179 and it looks brand new. I used it for the first time recently and was blown away with it and it has fired up my enthusiasm for taking photos even more. Compared to my Pentax KP with a 18-135mm, the XS-1 feels much lighter and fits my hand so well, the battery life is amazing and as for the lens, well it truly covers every type of photo situation, that I could ever encounter. I know the resolution will never compete with a DSLR or modern mirrorless camera but I actually like the softer effects that I get with the XS-1 and I have never been a pixel peeper anyway.
  2. Hi everyone, well this is going to sound mad but I have actually gone backwards with my photography. I have loved photography since the mid 70's and have embraced the digital revolution with open arms, my first digital camera being a Minolta Dimage 7. I have been in a constant battle since then, trying to find the right camera for my needs, switching to several different brands and types of camera over the years. I have learned to take what the photographic press say about the camera that you should buy, with an extremely large pinch of salt, I totally disagree with the constant battle about mega pixels, resolution and sensor size. My main camera equipment up until yesterday, consisted of a Pentax K7 DSLR, a Pentax KP DSLR and four prime lenses and two zoom lenses, all of which provide excellent quality photos, I also have two small compacts, a Lumix TZ60 and a Nikon P7800, both of which have a tiny 1/23rds sensor and it was the Nikon that made me realise, I really do not need a large sensor for my photography because I took the Nikon out for the day and was amazed at the photos it produced and it reminded me of another two camera's that I had once owned, a Fuji XS-1 and a Fuji X30, both great camera's that I regretted selling. Anyway, to cut a VERY long story short, I recently saw a mint condition Fuji XS-1 for sale on E-Bay and it arrived yesterday. I have been out with it this morning and taken loads of photos and came to two conclusions, firstly, this Fuji XS-1 is so much fun to use, very intuitive and produces amazing photos with a phenomenal lens 24-624mm f2.8/5.6. No more trying to decide what lens to use, no more aching back carrying heavy gear, I can just concentrate on taking photos. So, yes, this camera is only 12mp and the sensor is only a 2/3rds sensor but oh boy, Fujifilm did a cracking job with this camera and I absolutely love it. Sorry for the long intro, hope you are still awake! I am a retired Postman, living in the rural town of Devizes in Wiltshire, England and as well as photography I enjoy walking, reading, wood carving and driving 😁
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