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  1. Thank you George and jerryy! I will give it a try keeping in mind your recommendations.
  2. Hi, there! Thank you so much for the reply. I uploaded two examples on Flickr. Here is the link: https://flic.kr/ps/3UtHG7 The photos were shot moments apart. The clear one was shot at 1/320 sec. f/6.4 34.3mm, ISO 1250. The blurry one was at 1/20 sec. f/6.4 34.3mm, ISO 1250. I think the shutter speed was set to automatic. I would really appreciate some shutter speed recommendations for situations like these- when the light is good and also when the light is not that good- for example, evening. I did not use the flash. The sensor looks clean. I bought the camera recently and I looked at it carefully. Thanks again.
  3. Hello! I have recently purchased the XT-3 and it came with the 18-55 lens. I had read very good reviews about how this is not just a kit lens and that it's pretty sharp for a basic zoom. However, I have not found this to be my experience. I don't think that my copy has an issue necessarily, but that it maybe I'm doing something wrong or maybe the lens is just more sensitive in general. I took some good pictures with it, but a lot of the times they come out blurry or hazy. I took them hand-held, but I didn't move my hands nor the camera. The subject was not moving either. OIS was on, though I tried with it off as well. They come out like my hand was shaking terribly, which was not. Also, this issue is prevalent in lower light conditions, indoors or when shooting elements that are slightly in motion- such as the sea. I know this lens is not supposed to be very good in low light, but it feels kind of disappointing that it's so sensitive and it doesn't make me want to take photos. Is it just not suitable for me? I wanted the flexibility of a zoom, but now I am rethinking everything and maybe I'll just get a prime, like the 23 mm f2. I am not really into post-processing very much and I prefer a crisper photo out of the camera. Could you please share your insights and maybe some settings tips, like, aperture, shutter speed or ISO? I usually set the camera to "aperture priority" and automatic ISO and shutter speed. "Maybe I am missing something. I should mention that I come from an old Nikon DSLR system and I'm not familiar with Fuji. I am just learning as a kind of "upper beginner" in photography. I mainly like to shoot landscape and street. Thanks! I want to attach some pics, but the limit is only 0.98MB.
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