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  1. Thanks so much George _p. I appreciate your cogent information. I think I may go for the lighter 50mm. It is probably best for my intended uses. Thank you for taking time for the detailed and helpful feedback.
  2. Thanks george maybe I will if no trades or purchases are forthcoming. I take it you think the new 50mm is not that much better than the current F/2?
  3. In reply to Jerryy: the 50mm prime I ideally want is approx $1500. Its the new Fujinon 50mm. Camera stores and usual online trade places (keh,mpb,b&h), usually give you (at best) about 70 percent of actual worth of lens. Ideally some one would realize value and be able to give me closer to their real worth as very new lenses or trade a good quality 50mm prime for my 3 lenses.
  4. I have used B&H and KEH and camera stores before but found I cannot get as much as I can via personal transactions.
  5. I am a street photog who had decided to try nature photography but found it is not for me. I have a XF 100-400mm zoom , an 18-55mm zoom and a 50-230mm and want to trade them all for a XF 50mm prime. All of these are less than 1 yr old and in excellent condition. I can provide photos and details to anyone interested. Thanks
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