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  1. Does anyone know why the Fuji film small icon "STD" (Standard/Provia) is the only one that doesn't appear on my LCD screen neither on the EVF? All others appear (depending on which one was selected) on top of the "DR100" Dynamic Range small icon (or DR200/DR400) on the right side of my monitor. GFX50R Camera. Latest Firmware intalled (2022) Thank you very much.
  2. Hi Allan, I use the GFX50R and I am thinking of buying a tube like that to use with the GF 120mm macro and also test with the GF50mm. I know that 18mm + 45mm tubes can be used together. It never occurred to me to use two equals, as you describe. I would like to ask you with what objective you use them? With what results? What expansion do you achieve with both? Can we see examples? Thank you very much. Best regards.
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