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  1. finalcutproX when import so heavy files must do "optimized media" to manage that files. check on manual.
  2. I tested a bit webCam X, but it had a lots' of room for improvment. i had x-t4 but ... seems that i connected my old fujifilm s7000 (year 2005 when fuji allow people to use their bridge like webcam). we need more resolution, actually is embarassing to have so low resolution, especially that i connected by usb 3.2 connection, internal it had a encoder hardware for h264/265) please enable video mode, to use noise reduction and more features from video mode add ability to change Iso, speed, iris from interface, it's annoing to change gears position, turno off, turn on to see t
  3. Premiere show and work ever with 8 bit project, only if you enable high bit depth processing you can see or render out with all bit depth (no comment). To preview bit depth you must go to menu / sequence / sequence settings, and enable in panel opened "maximum bit depth". this option allow you to see correct preview of 10bit, later when you want to export remember to enable "maximum bit depth" ALSO in export panel or you preview in MBT but render out in 8 bit... anyway check davinci resolve, is very better option to edit, vfx, color, manage your movie.
  4. Happy to be here, i hope to be of help and be helped
  5. Hi i'm an old Fuji user, in past for filmstrip fuji, later with fujifilm bridge s5000 and s9500, then fujifilm reflex S5 Pro (i was nikon analogic user), then now a x-t4 user. photography is a passion of last 32 years, video shooting and post is my work. happy to meet a new community.
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