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  1. I primarily use manual focus lens and until yesterday would press on the rear control dial to zoom in and make fine adjustments. This is no longer working. I also am no longer getting peak focus assist as I had been while focusing. I have spent a couple hours going through my settings and reading the manual, everything seems to be set correctly. As far as I can tell the rear dial function of pressing and not holding(which brings up menu) is a built in default focus assist and have not read were I could have ever accidently turned it off. At this point I think something is wrong with the camera, because I made no changes to my control settings, and after going back through them all I do not see anything which would cause this major change in how the camera operates. Can anyone offer which setting I should perhaps check again? Has anyone else had this issue? Does anyone know if something like this is covered under a warranty. I have had this X-E3 a little over a year and love it, and would probably even buy an other if I had to. Basically I am looking for any advice I can get before I start going down the repair or replacement route. Thanks Clemson
  2. The vast majority of the photos I take with my X-E3 are with manual lens. I do not like the peak focus setting, rather I opt to move the joystick focus point to the area I want to make sure is in focus, then press the dial wheel which zooms in on the selected area for fine focusing. I agree with mdm that blur will be due to shutter speed, and since I use Aperture Priority setting, if with my chosen stop the shutter is too slow, I change my ISO to suit. On a wider angle lens like my TT Artisan 17mm which has a very wide focus range at f/8, even f/4 is pretty good, I just point and shoot. I hope this helps.
  3. I started taking photos with my Voigtlander Vito B in the early 80 when I was very active in my schools darkroom and then acquired a Nikon F2. Fast-Forward, music took over my life, and digital tec took over photography, and I became a cell phone photographer always itching for a real camera again. This summer, after researching my option, I bought an X-E3 and could not be happier. Now that I have an amazing camera I am once again heading toward the deep end of the pool, spending many hours reading websites and shooting. Though film making is not my quest, I find myself wondering what lenses are being used when watching a movie filmed with an eye for light and composition. The 18-55 f/2.8 that came with my camera is frankly as good as I can imagine needing for most everything, but have found myself on ebay looking over classic glass to play around with, and do want to buy a smaller lens so that I carry my camera more often.
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