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  1. Hey guys, my XT4 power brick and cable got lost or stolen, I own the dual power charger and I was happy with it because it charges both bateries at the same time and very quickly. After I lost the brick and cable I used my smartphone fast charger but now it takes an eternity to fully charge (probably 7 hours) and also it cannot charge 2 bateries at the same time. I want to know if there is any option to buy the original Fujifilm power brick (AC-5VJ) or if there is another option! I find it ridiculous that buying the dual charger doesnt come with another brick and cable (70 dollars!) and also that I cannot buy that brick. Can you guys give me a suggestion? Actually I connected a 13inch Macbook Pro charger and it looks like its working, but I dont want to carry that with me just to charge bateries and also I dont want to pay that much to replace something so simple as a f...ing power brick! Any ideas?
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