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  1. Thanks Jerryy, I have ordered my camera and adaptor and looking forward to trying it out myself
  2. Thanks Jerryy for the info. I most definitely want to use the autofocus of the lens. Does the auto focus speed slow alot on the Fuji compared to been on a canon Eos system?
  3. Hi All, I'm Chris from Australia and was a professional photographer in the press for the first half of my life. Wanting a new challenge I have left the media game to the ones who just cannot get enough of it. Still wanting a great camera that won't destroy my back but give me the options I had with the full press kit. So excited to pick up the X-T3. I'm really looking forward to reading what you all have to say with tips and seeing what you are shooting Chris
  4. Hi All, Im new to the fuji world of cameras and have ordered my first Fuji camera, the X-T3. In a previous life I was a press photographer and had all the lens that would came with it like the long sport lenes. I want to hear if anyone has had experience using canon glass on the fuji camera, especially the 300mm f2.8. Does it work? what is the crop factor and what adaptor to use is the best? Everything else I will use in terms of glass will be fuji glass. just l ike photographing the kids playing sports a few times a year to justify not selling the lens. many thanks Chris
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