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  1. I could not find a separate forum for this app so I ask here. Today I saw that there is an album in the app. I wanted to delete the photos in the album to clear some space in the phone but I could not find a delete option. Do you know where these photos are stored and how can I delete them? Thanks
  2. Hi. I just bought 50 mm, f2 lens in silver for my silver XT3. When I opened the box I saw that the hood was black. The protective filter is black too. That was very disappointing. Because now the lens looks very ugly. If I knew I would have bought a black lens. I have also an X100V silver and its hood and protective filter is silver. This is how it should be. How can Fujifilm make such huge design mistake? Do you know if there are silver hoods for this lens? I found this https://fujiaddict.com/2020/01/17/new-affordable-zonlai-square-hoods/ but it's not available for sale an
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