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  1. Hi Max, Can you give a little more info. You mentioned you're manually setting your aperture, ISO, and exposure. By exposure do you the exposure compensation dial? Are you shooting with the shutter speed in Auto (A) Mode?
  2. Hi Hector! A lot of beautifully shot sequences in there. Which ones were with the x-t3—if you don't mind my asking Really love the use of the water as a cleansing/rebirth and the call to action for people. I think my favorite shot was the walking towards the camera in the snow with the sun coming through the legs. I noticed some of the beach sequences were shot with a bit of a high shutter speed, I'm not sure if that was intentionally jarring or if you maybe didn't have an ND filter available. I thought it worked in one portion of the film, and maybe threw me out a little in anoth
  3. Huh, that is super strange. But hopefully it works smoothly moving forward. The only other possibility I can think of is that maybe your thumb had triggered a focus lock or auto-focus because of how you hold/support the camera in a portrait vs. landscape. But that doesn't necessarily explain why it happens on the x-t3 and not another camera. I'll just keep my fingers crossed for you
  4. Hi Alan - I was trying to recreate the problem you're seeing with that combo. The one thing I can say is that it takes a LOT less of a turn of the focus ring to get from 5' to infinity than to get from minimum focus distance to 5'. Couple of quick questions - do you know if your camera's focus ring operation is set to linear or non-linear? Not sure how significant of a difference that will make. But the other thing I noticed I that when your aperture is wide open on that lens (ƒ4.0) you can push the focus past what appears to be infinity. When that happens a large twist of the focus ring
  5. It sounds like your aperture might be changing based on the camera's metering. Are you in an auto-aperture setting on the lens?
  6. Hi Abhishek - I actually just joined up myself (and I'm also in Seattle). The x-t3 with the 35 ƒ1.4 is a great pairing. What styles of photography (or videography) are you drawn to?
  7. Hi All, Brand new to the forum. Was curious if others might be interested in discussing more video-specific topics–and whether that might warrant a separate forum section. Or possibly an addition in the photo section. I know for most, the Fuji cameras are photo-first
  8. Definitely agree, without knowing what you're trying to capture, it's difficult to make a suggestion. If you're just looking for general photography coverage, the 56 is a good pairing with the 23. If you're shooting video, you'll probably want to consider something significantly wider with the crop factors for 4k and 240fps (also the vertical loss shooting landscape).
  9. Yeah, it looks like if you want to be able to quickly change that setting you'll have to assign the face/eye detection to a Q-Menu custom setting. If you do that you can scrub through the different choices. It takes a little muscle-memory to get used to. Joan do you need any help figuring the Q-Menu out?
  10. I'll admit, as a hybrid shooter, the tilt/flip screen on the x-t4 can be frustrating because I don't care about the flip around (no selfie shooting) -- and I'd rather have the screen in line with the camera body than sticking out. BUT, when in full photography mode, I love being able to turn the screen around to face the camera body... not have my face grease smudging it up!
  11. Something else to consider—Sony did have some bad batches of the Tough line of SD cards. I think they have a replacement program, the updated version has a very small asterisk on the back of the card before the letters and numbers at the bottom. https://www.sony.com/electronics/support/memory-cards-sd-cards/sf-g128t/articles/00246463
  12. Yes, it's a quirk of that lens' OIS. As long as the system seems to be working fine, and your copy is sharp it's not something out of the ordinary
  13. The way I switch back and forth between 4k and 1080 (120/240) is I set one of the function buttons to quick-access the setting to toggle high-speed on and off. Setup Menu--> Button/Dial Setting--> Function (Fn) Setting--> Choose the button you want to use (e.g., Fn4)--> Select Full HD High Speed Rec. Then when you hit that button on your camera you can toggle the high speed rec on and off. Hope that helps.
  14. Are you shooting in flog? If you're below ISO 640, it will default to 640 (i.e., you won't be able to select 160, 200, 400 etc)
  15. Hi Henry, That's an interesting problem. Is it possible that the camera was in the movie setting? Because, yes, you should be able to adjust the shutter speed in the T setting with the back dial to (I believe) at least 15 minutes. Joe
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