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  1. Check your cable type. Smart phones need 4 conductor, cameras need 3.
  2. Can you use Fuji's Webcam? It works pretty well.
  3. Put everything in auto and drive in S (check the other settings according to the manual). Then (important) turn the camera on before you connect the USB. When you connect the USB, you get some folders opening up on your screen. Ignore them. Finally, connect to Zoom or whatever you are using. Also, Webex doesn't work with all software. For me, it works with Zoom and not with Camtasia. I haven't tested Teams, Skype, etc. Paul
  4. Hi, I am Paul (Professor Murray), from Bakersfield College in California. I do some photography, but mostly I use my camera daily for lectures and student meetings. I had been using Olympus for videos and a Nikon D750 for photos; both cameras had drawbacks. So, I sold everything and bought an X-T3. So far, the new system is working out great. One camera to do everything I need (although I want a second body so that I can do multiple angles for my lectures). Paul
  5. I am trying to use my X-T3 to record video directly into Camtasia. I have tried with X-Webcam 1.0 and 2.0 and neither one works. The X-Webcam works perfectly when using Zoom, but not with Camtasia. And, Camtasia works fine with both built-in camera and external USB camera. Any idea how to resolve this?
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