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  1. Long story short: I had utterly blown out skies and reading about how to avoid them quickly led me to ND filters and all that kind of complicated stuff. Then I played with d range and d range priority mode of the x-t3. The latter gave me excellent results. If you shoot landscape and things with skies you have to try it if you havent already. Its incredible.
  2. I tried it with OBS which also doesnt work. For that the workaround was to use e.g. zoom and then do a screen capture. Actually not a real solution though, hope they fix this asap.
  3. Thank you for your insights. I think even without my menu it just starts "from scratch" in the menus, which is especially annoying if you change the buried custom display settings. Another minor problem is the display of the highest ISO if ISO is in auto mode in the display. I find it distracting and not of much value, instead I would like to see a real time update of the chosen iso of the current lighting situation. If I half press the shutter it seems to work this way but it doesnt seem very good. Also the changes of the lighting could be much smoother. The kit lens really tends to be loud and making noises, independent of the settings. I found many people complaining about it, will contact fuji service though because some say it could be fixed if you send it in.
  4. Hi everyone, I am playing around with my new X-T3 and love it so far. Its nice and sturdy and once of get used to it it seems to shine more and more. There are just a few things that make me scratch my head since they make the software seem like people havent thought about it enought - or I am missing something. A few examples: The menu system always starts in the my menu, no matter where I have been. That means juggling in menus a lot more than necessary often. Is there a way around it? The time lapse function seems buggy, when set a time until it starts the camera shuts down. Nevertheless it would make much more sense to have at least the option to start the sequence simply by pressing the shutter release button. Also the "non-pro" feature for automatic stitching of the image to a short movie seems missing. Why? Focus peeking is great but if I magnify the image a lot to see the details it is not helpful anymore. In my opinion it would be common sense to just have it turned off when magnified so you can see the details. The 18-55 OIS lens seems to "work" every time I put the camera in play mode, making noises. To me it is unclear why that should happen. The touch functionality for menus would be great too :) The rest I really like so far. Coming from a Canon M50 I was missing a bit of the ease of use first and still struggle with some stuff but I think I wont have any problems loving the camera. Image quality is great and build quality as well. What do you think? What would you improve in the Software? Jo
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