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  1. @Herco thank you so much for the informative response! Yeah I've been looking at the XP2 but I'm in the 400/500€ budget (at least for now) as it won't be a camera I'll use for professional work where I usually need fast and accurate AF, hence the Sony. I'll probably move full Fuji next year to be honest 😅 The older lenses you're referring to are the 1.4 versions? I was thinking of getting either the Viltrox 23mm or the 7artisans 25mm but probably the 7artisans as it will probably have a more "film"/vintage look unless I get a really good deal on a Fuji.
  2. Looking to get my first fuji camera for awhile, something I can carry for everyday use. Mainly portraits and more music documentary shots as I'm currently shooting Sony and it gets the job done for video and photography but (as some people) I see it as a work camera and can't seem to enjoy shooting for fun with it to be honest. I love the "classic instagram #leicamag" Leica look from the M242/ M10/Q for portraits with the low highlights and "film look" replica that some can execute perfectly and I'm wondering if it's really the sensor or just good editing and matching... But
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