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  1. Atomos have announced the Connect, an HDMI capture dongle which looks like it's the same hardware.
  2. I just bought a second one. This listing was even cheaper, on offer at £6.69, and included a USB extension cable!
  3. I was excited when Fuji released the X-Webcam software for Mac, but having tried it, I was disappointed. Reasons for my disappointment: Resolution: From my X-T3 it is only 1024x768 resolution, with black bars at the top and bottom of the transmitted image. Selecting the 16:9 frame from that, which Zoom can do, gives a 1024x576 image, the same vertical resolution as standard definition PAL. Somewhat awkward operation: To change settings, e.g. try a different film simulation, I needed to unplug the USB, change the setting, turn the camera off, plug the USB back in, and turn the camer
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