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  1. I've been wondering why is there a price gap so large between each fujifilm APSC cameras. For example, I want to compare between XT-30 and XT-200 because I recently bought XT-200 and XT-30 is quite famous out there. The current price of XT-200 is over $700 and XT-30 is over $1300 in my country. When comparing on paper specs of those 2 cameras, there is no much huge difference except, XT-30 has 2 more megapixels, more FPS with electronic shutter, slightly larger ISO range and 14bit RAW support. XT200 even has bigger and better LCD and longer movie record duration. But XT-30's price is like twice that of XT-200. What might be the trades of XT-30 over XT-200 that is worth the price gap?
  2. I recently got X-T200 and has been wondering how to get the extended ISO range written in the specifications on the website. It says the camera has native ISO range of 200-12800 and has extended ISO range of 100-51200. But I cannot find anywhere in the menus and settings where to get that extended ISO range. I assigned ISO selector function to my function dial but I can only select the native ISOs. Is the extended ISO feature lacking the current firmware and will it be included in the upcoming firmware?
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