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  1. the Fuji 56mm 1.2 works like a dream on X-T4 I used it at 1.2 and it was sharp
  2. Don't do firmware via the app Always download onto a blank memory card only and install that way.
  3. Yup its an known issue that was developed at 1.22 meant to be fixed with 1.22 and people had mixed experiences
  4. I just want reliable eye autofocus that stays on after a shot and not just vanish from my screen until i fiddle with the bloody joystick a couple of times to get it back on again.
  5. I didn't install the last one due to the issues on both versions of the firmware. I hope Fuji improve AF and also the bug that stops eye focus working randomly, but I wouldn't hold my breath.
  6. Choccy

    Lens noise

    Was about to say it's the Ibis
  7. I've not had this issue. But shooting in Single Mode I re focus every shot. Continuous shooting would lock focus imo
  8. What mode are you shooting in?
  9. I have same camera and lens and some others, I shoot Jpeg and Raw and can easily shoot a whole day on one battery or if doing a big photoshoot easily 128gb or more on maybe 1 and a half batteries maximum. No idea what your issue is, unless you are using small memory cards or having issues with buffering and turning off your camera When i do street photography I have my camera on all the time for 5 hours sometimes and my battery still lasts all day
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