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  1. Thank you Herco! That is what I think also. I just wonder how it works when you use a manual lens, like Nikkor 80-200 f 4.5. The aperture (“pupil”) obviously is constant when you zoom. I have to check that!
  2. Well... f 8 at 18 mm means that the aperture is 18/8=2.25 mm. At 55 mm f8 is 55/8=6.87 mm! So..how is this done? Does the aperture change when you zoom? Does it actually open (mechanically) from 2.25 mm to 6.87 mm?
  3. Exactly....isn’t it strange that the aperture (the opening of the lens) remains the same when you zoom in.? Shouldn’t the aperture change the same way it does at f 2.8 at 18 mm when you zoom?
  4. I have a Fuji xt30 with the xf 18-55 kit lens. The lens has a variable aperture, but if you choose f-stop smaller than 4.5, the aperture is constant throughout all focal lengths! How come? Does the aperture change while zooming even if it shows the same f-stop?
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