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  1. That’s sure not what we want when we are getting a new camera! My X-T3 arrived two days after they shipped it, with no problems. I’ve already updated the firmware and put it to work, getting my first astrophotos from it. Lots to learn! With BH, I had purchased a used X-T2 from them a month earlier and returned it 10 days before the X-T3 arrived. Using their Fed Ex return service, they emailed me 24 hrs after I sent it saying they had received it! I was surprised and glad to hear that b/c I was a bit worried should it get lost. A full refund was in my acct a few days later.
  2. B&H has restocked, as have other sellers. Ordered mine 9/4, just being shipped to me today.
  3. These folks sell Fuji adapter for telescopes as well... they have several Fuji options and will respond to any questions quickly. I have one on order. https://www.telescopeadapters.com/prime-focus-kits/60-fuji-x-prime-focus-kit-125.html
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