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  1. Each time I press it, it gives me the feeling it remains stuck inside (although it's not)... dunno how to describe it precisely, but pressing it just doesn't feel right. Specific case with my unit or it's just the way it is?
  2. If I put my X-S10 on a table (or any other stable surface), focus on subject and set an exposure the will require more than 1 second of exposure (doesn't matter how many, just make sure that the desired exposure will be more than 1 second), set a timer for 2 seconds and take a shot and the IBIS is set to mode 2 (Shooting only), the shot comes out completely blurry, just like if I hand held the camera (which I didn't). I repeat the EXACT same steps but this time I set IBIS to mode 1 (Continuous) - shot is tack sharp. Why? I know that IBIS should be disabled if the camera is on a tripod or any other stable surface, my question is why this happens only in mode 2 and not in mode 1 as well?
  3. I managed to get my XT4 to freeze while I was setting one of my custom film simulations presets to my liking. The moment I hit "save", the camera froze and I had nothing to do but take the battery out and in again. Fw 1.02
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