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  1. i don't think it's a problem of sd card or some accessories. I had this problem with different cards, i haven't any accessories, and in my video i uploaded here, the freeze started without an sd card inside. Fuji MUST resolve the problem
  2. i hope fuji will release a fix very soon. Looking at the web, doesn't seems there are a lot of cases. But it's very annoying
  3. hi guys, i'm emi from italy. I'm searching for a solution to the same problem i've read here. My brand new xt4 sometimes freeze. I shoot video, and as you know, if this happen during an event, it's the death. Even if i'm in still or movie, i have this problem random 3 days ago, i had 3 times in 1 hour. I use last firmware, 1.03, sandisk 170mb 64 gb. Fringer adaptor with latest firmware and sigma lens for canon 18.35. I hope it's only a firmware problem, i don't wanna think i have to ship the camera for an rma. I upload a video to this problem. I hope we can find a
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