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  1. Yes Patrick! I did it after finish the video and it works really well! really fast even on the 14mm. I think is a big help for street photography!
  2. I did a little test by myself and a little video I want to share with you guys. Sorry is in Italian... https://youtu.be/UI-yIgcOmNA
  3. Don't worry Patrick! it's a secret place! I will not tell it to anyone!
  4. well... I think I know where you are! but I'm not sure... Anyway I can't wait to try new firmware with the 35mm! I had a wedding last saturday and I was missing the new af!
  5. Hello to everybody! did someone had problem with the X100S battery charger or with the battery? Huston I have problem... If I put the battery in the battery charger even without electricity the green light is on, and its takes 10 hours to charge it... I think it's not normal or not? I have a wedding this saturday and I'm in trouble now with battery!
  6. Looks nice JLing! What about bokeh? Do you he some sample?
  7. I'm using CaptureOne too. I was working with Lightroom for many years but I tried CaptureOne and is much much much better for Fujifilm raw files. No way, when you see the picture at 100% Lightroom is so poor. The workflow is different but after a while now I'm used to it and I think I will not buy Lightroom 6.
  8. I have the 14 and 35 now, but probably the best for my kind of photograhy is 14/23/56
  9. But is used one... just want to know if it's normal or not...
  10. Yes, lens hood... sorry... It's moving a little bit. The 14mm lens hood is not moving at all.
  11. Just bought it today! Used one and it's a little bit noisy! The Xf14mm is not so noisy! And another thing that I don't like is the lens shield is moving little bit... is it normal?
  12. Wabisabiphotography


    Pictures about Italy and Italin landscape
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