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  1. I am using a Kirk BL-XT4 L-bracket. It has a notch cut out in the side bracket to clear the flippy screen. You can swing the screen out (although not all the way parallel with the back of the camera) and rotate it about 45 degrees up and down. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1573430-REG/kirk_bl_xt4_l_bracket_for_fujifilm_x_t4.html As an added bonus, it has a QD socket on the bottom (very handy for attaching a strap.) Arca-Swiss compatible and clearance for the doors. I like it.
  2. I am in the US and my X-T4 says "Made in China", not Japan. Purchased two months ago from B&H in New York City.😕
  3. BobB

    IBIS vs Lens OIS

    I am somewhat new here and to Fujifilm...who is "DRMi"? Thanks.
  4. Well, how about that? It is there after all (not zebras, but at least blinkies.) Thank you Greybeard.
  5. I think you are correct. The histogram would work just fine. Old habits can be tough to break 🤪
  6. I agree. This is a serious omission. I think every other camera I have used has this capability. Hopefully Fujifilm will add this someday via a firmware update. I need to find a way to make this suggestion to Fuji. Thanks for your reply.
  7. Can highlight warning (zebras) be set up in Still mode? I cannot find a setting for it. I can only find highlight warning in Movie mode. Thanks.
  8. Thank you folks for your replies. Very helpful.
  9. I am new to the Fujifilm system. I use back-button focus (AF ON button.) When my AF switch is set to C and I want to continuously focus on a moving subject, do I need to keep holding the AF ON button down while taking multiple shots to keep my subject in focus? One more question - I know that the X-T4 Drive Switch has an HDR function that automatically takes a selected number of images and the camera processes them into one image. Is there a way to take the multiple exposures without the camera processing them into one image so I can that myself in post processing? Thanks for your help. Bob
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