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  1. Ah, the web is awash with complaints about LrC importing duplicates. Not sure they have resolved the issue but suffice to say the problem isn't related to the GFX or the card itself or the card reader. Allan


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    We've logged a bug for this issue. Follow this thread for updates when this is fixed. 
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    Sorry - that's a bit large! The above is "feedback.photoshop.com" talking about the issue/bug of LrC doubling up every image taken/imported. The issue/bug has not been fixed. I should add that GFX50S is not the problem. It's LrC issue. 

  2. Hi, every time I take an image, or series of images, somehow the Import into Lightroom shows double the amount of images taken. When doing macro work a stack of 100 images shows as 200 when Importing to Lr.  I  normally have"enable" set in the check box "don't allow duplicates" - Lr will briefly show 200 then quickly afterwards show 100 images. When I use the Replay button on the GFX I see only the images I've taken - not the same one twice. I shoot in manual mode and RAW. So I'm interested to know if it's GFX50S thing or a Lightroom thing. Or maybe just me!

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