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  1. Im ok with crop sensor, but i dont agree with prices, new 33 23 18 will costs like sigma ff lenses and new H2 seems will be near 2500$ it is too much for cropped camera, i have used fujifilm many years, but if i can buy a FFcamera at almost same price i dont know, it is very hard to aссept this. OK top lenses like RF 70-200 or 85 1.2 will be more expensive but you can take sigma which also cool.
  2. Friends, i have used fujifilm cameras many years, love them very much, but new 18 1.4 /23 1.4 / 33 1.4 , will cost near 1000$ In past i have choosed fujifilm because it was cheaper, but now you can buy nikon z or sony 7c with sigma lenses and it will costs like the same, dose it ok - crop system costs like some full frame systems?, now i use Fujidilm h1 and love it, and wanted to buy H2 but rummors tells it will costs near 2500 it is too much isnt it? Sorry for my english, it is not my language
  3. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1486631-REG/venus_optics_fr_fx2_canon_ef_lens_to.html only this work almost perfect but fuji lenses give better image quality, have tested ef 135 mm once, xf-90 was much sharper
  4. I uses x-h1 for studio work, fashion / beauty, and it is good, but think about x-t3 it have better af system
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