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  1. Hello, I don't know much about cameras/lenses and photography but I get by doing some amatuer snapping here and there. However, I need to do some real estate photography and I was told I needed a 10-24mm lens to avoid wild barreling and the chore of using software. But I am confused by the 15-35mm equivalence thingy. WIll the Fuji 10-24mm do the job (especially in small rooms) ? Thanks in anticipation of your kind (and simple) answers,
  2. Hello all, New today and this is my first post. I have to do some real estate photography. I am thinking of buying a X-T4 and I want to know if I can on and off the video and have one continuous movie. WHen I tried to do this with Nikon D7000 I just had a bunch of separate files that needed to be stitched together using an app on a laptop. I'd rather do it all in camera. Possible or not? Many thanks.
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