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  1. Hi both thanks much for your quick replies, great ideas and I can't wait to test them out. I knew about the OIS setting with the 55-200 lens, but did not know that you can turn it off in the settings for the kit lens. I will for sure try that. Yes, I do shoot with a tripod, just purchased a new one which is not all that heavy and which I can take with me at all times - I am looking forward to working with it. And I love your hint, jerryy on putting a mark on the lens during daytime. On the name in the forum - I tried to change this but the profile does not let me change anythi
  2. Hi there I purchased an X-E3 a year ago with the intention to have a lightweight system camera with manual options like an SLR that I can take to my mountain adventures. Since quite some while I try to get sharp night sky shots. I currently use the 15-45 kit lens (I know, this is not where you would expect really sharp pictures, but I hesitate to invest a fortune into a high class lens not knowing whether it's worth it). I currently work with the kit lens, the XF 55-200mmF3.5-4.8, an Agfa 50mm 1.4 (with adapter) and various other manual lenses. My problem: Any night sky shot has tin
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