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  1. Hi both thanks much for your quick replies, great ideas and I can't wait to test them out. I knew about the OIS setting with the 55-200 lens, but did not know that you can turn it off in the settings for the kit lens. I will for sure try that. Yes, I do shoot with a tripod, just purchased a new one which is not all that heavy and which I can take with me at all times - I am looking forward to working with it. And I love your hint, jerryy on putting a mark on the lens during daytime. On the name in the forum - I tried to change this but the profile does not let me change anything - may have to delete my account and re-do it. I will check if I can get a hold of one of the administrators to change that. And I'm relieved that you made good experiences with the X-E3, I really love this camera for its minimalism : )
  2. Hi there I purchased an X-E3 a year ago with the intention to have a lightweight system camera with manual options like an SLR that I can take to my mountain adventures. Since quite some while I try to get sharp night sky shots. I currently use the 15-45 kit lens (I know, this is not where you would expect really sharp pictures, but I hesitate to invest a fortune into a high class lens not knowing whether it's worth it). I currently work with the kit lens, the XF 55-200mmF3.5-4.8, an Agfa 50mm 1.4 (with adapter) and various other manual lenses. My problem: Any night sky shot has tiny blurs in it; the stars are not dots but little dashes when zoomed in, and the pictures are not consistent - I can take the same picture with the same parameters half an hour later and get very different results (in particular with respect to overall sharpness). I could not determine whether it is the wrong parameters or my difficulty to focus at night in manual mode with the kit lens. I would love to discuss your experience with night shots and saw there is little exchange on this forum with respect to this topic (and X-E3 in particular) ... - what parameters do you use (ISO>1000 does not come across well and creates stains on the picture, I try to use f3.5 and at most 10sec exposure time to avoid stars moving) - how do you focus with the kit lens at night? (the standard mode seems to be better suited than focus peaking, but the focus ring does not seem to be accurate and finding the right position is difficult) - I had the suspicion that the mechanical shutter creates vibrations in the camera that show in the picture -- unfortunately, the electronic shutter cannot be used in BULB mode? - I did not find any effect of noise reduction, sharpness, long exposure nr parameters - what's your observations? I love this camera but am increasingly frustrated as I was dreaming to have my dream-team at hand (light weight, yet superb picture quality) ... Thanks so much for your contributions! Cheers Ulrich uploaded picture parameters: jpeg 4240x2384, f/3.5, 15mm (kit lens), ISO1250, 10s, DR200
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