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    Weegie got a reaction from Golden Oxen in First generation Fuji X lenses on 40MP sensor body?   
    Apologies if this question has been addressed previously however I did not find anything using the search function.  There are rumors of 40MP sensor X cameras coming, starting with an H2 sometime in the near future. These have me wondering if my first generation XF lenses will offer maximum resolution on such a sensor, or if I should slowly start migrating to the latest equivalent lens series?  My lenses are all the fastest f-stop versions if that matters.  I thought I read a couple years ago Fuji mentioning that 24MP was near the max capability of XF lenses but cannot find it.  I am sure their second generation lenses are fine at 40MP if they indeed are releasing such a sensor based X body, but how about their earlier lenses?    
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