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  1. Problem solved-- previous owner had used the wrong screen protector!! Edit: or rather, they'd put the thick edge on the right hand side instead of the left!
  2. I'll probably keep it to be honest, the EVF works fine, and the LCD is 95% OK. Is just a weird annoyance!
  3. Hi everyone! I'm Jim, from UK. Have just picked up a second hand X-T20, having had a Nikon D80 for a million years. Enjoy most types of photography, looking to get more into macro in future 🙂
  4. Hi there, I just bought an X-T20 from ebay and am really enjoying it. One really annoying thing though... The lcd display seems to be too big for its frame. The text/icons on the right hand side are cut off and can't be seen, but can be glimpsed if you look under it obliquely please see photos. Is this a physical fault or something that can be fixed in settings?
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