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  1. I solved this one. Had to go to settings to set Command for Aperture... hence not too intuitive...
  2. i am new in XT-4 but if it helps i am using Lexar V60 118Gb. Somewhere i read you nead V60 (250MBs transfer rate) for video recording
  3. By the way. I have used camera very little time yet and only got one freeze,..., i will keep on testing in case it was a sporadic issue.
  4. No matter how I try and reconfigure, I can’t make front command dial to manage aperture, nor ISO sensibility. Only speed and Exposure (by setting C in the exposure dial). And pressing the front command dial does not switch from one model to another. is this another bug on firmware 1.02? A set up issue?(I doubt it since I carefully reviewed the manual but of course I could be wrong)
  5. Hi. Mine was also manufactured in China... do they also manufactur from Japan? Should I get concerned??
  6. July 14th I got my new X-T4, I did also install firmware 1.02 (after unboxing) AND yes it also freezes from time to time. So far i just need to switch off then on for normal recovery. I have used my camera very little, i hope is only due to Firmware. Apologies I can’t add further insights. Will be following this forum. Cheers
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