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    Goonerjr reacted to rogazilla in Leica Monochom envy   
    I am lucky to have the m246 monochrome. I also love Fuji gear. One of the reason monochrome is so different is because the removal of color array. Think of those picture of color array of traditional sensor and x trans you end up needing 4 pixels to represent a color. This is very simplified explanation and that means your resolution is reduced. Secondly less filter more light hits the sensor and the same sensor without the color array will be cleaner at each iso level. 
    the only issue with conversion is that the lens are designed for light to go through a certain thickness of sensor stack. I found this early on when adapting my m lens to Sony a7, Fuji x10 and my em5. Leica has the thinnest sensor stack because they want their camera to work with their lenses designed for film. 
    definitely interested if Fuji comes out with a monochrome!
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    Goonerjr reacted to #1923# in Landscapes in b&W (open thread)   
    Another landscape photo in b/w
    dreary day by #1923#, auf Flickr
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    Goonerjr reacted to #1923# in Landscapes in b&W (open thread)   
    Since there is no topic for landscapes in b&w, I thought let's create one...
    Cloudy day by #1923#, auf Flickr
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    Goonerjr reacted to Herco in 16 or 14 lens w xpro3   
    The EVF view is essentially showing what the sensor captures. The limitations of the X-Pro3 for wide-angle and telephoto lenses are only applicable to OVF-mode, which is of course one of the main reasons for having an X-Pro camera.
    By the way, judging from the title you're looking at the 14/2.8 vs. the 16/2.8. There are some apparent differences between the lenses. The 14/2.8 is not WR and has slower (and somewhat noisier) AF. Nevertheless, I prefer the 14 by far. It has much better IQ (almost to the level of the 16/1.4). Better contrast, sharper corners, less loca...). Having said that I understand the the 16/2.8 fits nicely on an X-Pro. Don't get overly exited about the WR. It is largely a marketing item... I've had reliable non-WR lenses vs. WR-lenses that 'fell apart' after a day of steady drizzle. 
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    Goonerjr reacted to mdm in 16 or 14 lens w xpro3   
    That's correct. No issues with EVF.
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    Goonerjr reacted to Justa1972 in Landscapes in b&W (open thread)   
    Fuji X-T3 and 10-24
    Godrevy Lighthouse - SW Cornwall

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    Goonerjr reacted to Bside123 in Landscapes in b&W (open thread)   
    Fujifilm X100 - 35mm equivalent, ISO 200, 1/170 sec, f/5.6

    2019 Cerny Barn Pano
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    Goonerjr reacted to jw432 in Landscapes in b&W (open thread)   
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    Goonerjr reacted to jw432 in Landscapes in b&W (open thread)   
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    Goonerjr reacted to Sir Grey in Leica Monochom envy   
    I can't help but feel envious when I hear such praise about Leica being so "innovative" and "daring". Leica releases a camera with no screen and it's marvel for those that want one less distraction while photographing.
    Fuji does a similar move with the X-pro 3 and it's divisive, even though you still get a screen if you don't want one.
    That leads me to my main point that I still want Fuji to release a monochrome camera.
    Sure, could I save up and buy Leica? Sure, but I think the Fuji system offers more to me than just price. I think they always have more value than leica in terms of features, and I think Fuji is more humble as a brand, where they don't flaunt their brand as a luxury class item. 
    Anyway, I hope to see a monochrome sensor Fuji camera in the future. 
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    Goonerjr reacted to Herco in Leica Monochom envy   
    It's quite a difference. As a basis the Leica Q2 already has a very good 47Mp full-frame sensor paired with one of the best lenses ever made (a 28mm Summilux). By leaving out the color array filter on the sensor and optimizing the sensor lenses for monochrome images, you get an incredibly sharp and contrast rich monochrome image. Without the color array filter you also boost the low light performance and expand the dynamic range of the sensor by approx. 2 stops.
    In the meanwhile, I couldn't resist and purchased a Q2 Monochrome. I'm not disappointed. Though my X-Pro produces very nice Acros files, the Q2 Monochrome is a different league (also in price to be fair). I usually shoot monochrome for my personal work, but to be able to shoot at ISO25000 and have files as clean as an X-Pro at ISO1600 is amazing. At normal ISO levels, the level of detail and the tonality of the Q2 files is stunning. Both for the jpegs out-of-camera and the DNG raw files via Capture One.
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    Goonerjr reacted to jaxphotocat in Survey: Most Used Fuji Lenses   
    My most used lens is not on the survey list.  Easily it is the 23mm f/2.
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    Goonerjr reacted to itchy shutter finger in Survey: Most Used Fuji Lenses   
    I don't think the f2 version was out when the survey was started in 2016. Perhaps Admin can update this since there are so many new lenses.
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    Goonerjr reacted to Mr.Hertzberg in Survey: Most Used Fuji Lenses   
    Why is there no 23mm-f2 ?
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    Goonerjr reacted to mjcmt in Fujifilm X100V: Silver beats Black… and Which One do You Prefer?   
    Stealth black is to my liking.
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    Goonerjr reacted to Peters Dad in X-E4 Rumor   
    No sooner did I ask if anyone had heard anything about the X-E4, Fuji Rumors says it will be coming out during the first quarter of next year! (did he read my forum question and ask someone "in the know"?).  I'm going to be on pins and needles until then with my brain conjuring up all sorts of wish list items.  But still, I don't want to see it overloaded with gadgets, bells and whistles.
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    Goonerjr reacted to ronny in X-E4 Rumor   
    I'm ok with not introducing IBIS to the camera. Why? It increases the weight, it increases the price, it will possibly increase the size, OIS is built into to some of the zoom lens already, the shorter primes really don't need this IMO, instead, adjust the aperture and speed and ISO,,,,easy! 
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    Goonerjr reacted to itchy shutter finger in X-E4 Rumor   
    I am elated to hear the X-E4 might be back on the roadmap. I am very excited the form factor lives.
    Fujifilm, please remember, the X-E is MINIMALIST. We know you can put nearly un-imaginable features in a camera, but you already did that to about a dozen other models. I think X-E users love those cameras because of what isn't on them. 
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    Goonerjr reacted to Hillsideshortleg in Introduce Yourself   
    The short story: Hi im Rick I was in a wreck and my head got banged around severely. My wife got a new car and I got a XT-4 to replace my Nikon D80. 
    I took my first pictures from an old brown box my mom got me about 55 years ago. It was a Brownie she picked up at a second hand store. I saved and bought a roll of film. Man I wish I still had those first images. Ive spent years just playing around taking pictures but mainly collecting old photograph negatives and learning how to make the prints off the negs I had collected. Some of the negatives were bigger than 8" x 10". It was pretty cool seeing what would come. My wife and I have got into boating and float around in our vintage cabin cruiser at night looking for the perfect shots. I didnt have patience for for fishing during the day but I am driven to learn how to use a camera and capture the beauty of the lake at night.  Christmas card pictures are also a highlight in my amateur photography. Oh and I fell in love with the vintage look of the XT-4 at first glance plus a Doc told me it would be good to challenge my mind to help it recover. I am on a high learning curve with a low attention span!!!!! LOL

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    Goonerjr got a reaction from Jim White in XE-3 sale?   
    i also worried about the joystick as I moved from X-e1 to x-e3 ..... now I forget why I was worried ... got use to new setup very quickly 
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    Goonerjr reacted to Olaf W. in Introduce Yourself   
    Welcome here,  @Goonerjr and @Jim Keyte !
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    Goonerjr reacted to Gwyn in No post processing landscapes   
    Still finding my way round on here so forgive me as I put this on winter landscapes. 
    Reason for posting this is that I have always tried to take the best photo I can without post processing . Many years ago I saw a photo and thought I would like to take that same image. As the scene was not to far I travelled, camera in hand but couldn't recognize the area. Yes there was the odd tree and rock I remembered but nothing else. Reason was although the photo was stunning it was heavily processed and had no relation to the "real" scene. Camera manufacturers spend millions on camera design so why do we not use their knowledge and experience and take the photos the best we can and learn by our mistakes. Don't get me wrong there is a place for processing but I think it can give people especially newcomers a goal that cannot be reached by just pointing the camera. To me a good photo is one that replicates the actual scene without working on a computer. The photo I have uploaded was just that. I was lucky because it does not happen every time but I keep trying.

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