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  1. Hello everybody, it took a while but my camera is now fixed by Fujifilm in Kleve. A new motherboard is the solution. As Fuji is not so happy to fix this problem. So I made a paper with the loss of energy in 2 weeks time. There were no charges as it is still under garantee. Have a good day Elly3😉
  2. This could mean that this issue happens with more camera's. And that Fuji knows about this problem and that Fuji has a solution for it as well. Thank you so much. I will send my camera again to Fuji with these comments. When I have the results, I will inform you. 😀 Elly3
  3. And, is there a solution found to this problem?
  4. Fuji allways tested the camera without any lens. I did the test with the 18-55 on camera. So my next step is to do the same test without any lens on camera.
  5. Yes, I speak Dutch. Wandering energy should be "zwerfstroom". Maybe they translated it from German, as Fuji is located in Kleve.
  6. Thank you Matsonfamily. I have 6 original batteries with all the same problem. I never had this issue with my T1, and behoor the T1 with all my Nikon cameras. The camera was send to Fuji twice. The first time it came back with the note that the motherboard was repaired. The second time, they could not find, what they call Wandering Energy. As all those tests are done without a lens connected, I did the same test with the 18-55mm on camera. At the start on july 5th, the battery was 100% full charged. And now this morning 10:00 a.m. the battery only has 54% energy left. So I am not very happy about this. Is this an issue that exist in all fujicamera's?
  7. In 2 weeks time and not in use, the battery in my XT3 is only 58% full. Camera stored with 18-55mm lens
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