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  1. Hi guys! So I recently bought a Fuji XT-30 to begin building up as a camera I could use for vlogging and journalistic work. I love a lot of aspects of it. I ideally wanted the most portable, streamlined setup for a 'run and gun' approach. I've therefore bought a RONIN-SC to allow me to get steady footage without having to setup repeatedly on tripods etc. However, as many of you might know, the XT-30 currently doesn't link to the Ronin-SC as standard via the Multi USB cable, so you have to buy a separate RSS Cable to control recording, focus etc. While it's a bit of a scam (hope firmware comes out soon), I'm happy to do it. However, this of course takes up my headphone jack, which I have been plugging external mics into via adapters. I had hoped to find a way to use the RSS port to control the camera on the Ronin while also using a small external mic (e.g. Rode VideoMicro) in order to record sound at the same time, natively, without a second non-synced sound recorder etc. I know it's a big ask but is it possible to adapt the USB-C or even the HDMI port to run the external mic? I have an adapter which allows me to use headphones for the USB-C, but mic input is different, especially cos you have to pic 'remote' rather than 'mic' in the menus to use the RSS cable, or vice versa for an external mic. Any help or workarounds would be highly appreciated, this is of course asking for a perfect easy setup solution, maybe there isn't one...
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