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  1. I install my X-series firmware updates without a lens attached. I use Lexar cards exclusively. I am in Washington State in the USA and my camera was purchased through B&H in New York. My X-T4 was made in China.
  2. I have posted here that my X-T4 freezes for about 10 seconds after turning it on. After the pause, everything works as normal. I called Fuji tech support in New Jersey this morning and discussed the problem. After being told that (a) they had not heard of similar problems and (b) that usually this type of problem is 'user error' , I am shipping my X-T4 to them for repair under warranty. I've upgraded firmware MANY times on X-T1, X-T2, and X-T3 cameras without issue. This is not a new process to me. The X-T4 shows that v 1.02 firmware is installed. I do NOT think this is 'user error'. I'm reporting here in case it may be of use/value to others. Glad my X-T3 is still a reliable workhorse.
  3. You and I know that this is a similar comment/question to the one I asked and to which you replied. I hope that adding another question will help someone with information find the questions and respond. My issue is that my X-T4 "freezes" when turned on ever since I updated to v1.02 firmware. The LCD is live but everything else is frozen and unresponsive. After about 10 seconds the EVF and the buttons resume normal function. I have used X-T1, X-T2, X-T3 and never had a problem updating firmware on any of them. I always use an SD card for the updates. I would really like someone at Fuji to acknowledge that the update has problems and let us know if there is a remedy in the making. If I can't get some information soon I will be returning the camera and falling back to my trusted X-T3. #v102fail
  4. After updating the X-T4 firmware to v1.02 my camera now locks up after turning it on. The LCD view is live but the EVF does not work and all buttons on the camera are locked. After about 10 seconds the EVF and buttons begin to work as normal. I don't think I am alone with this problem and I hope a fix is coming soon. Not good.
  5. I updated to v 1.02 firmware on my X-T4 today and have the same experience. Turn the camera on and I see the LCD but the EVF and all buttons on the camera do not work. After about 10 seconds the EVF comes alive and all is well. The buttons work and the camera seems fine. Turn it off and the same thing happens when turned back on. This needs to be fixed soon.
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