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  1. 15 hours ago, Herco said:

    For some reason Fuji cameras are quite susceptible to read/write errors on SD cards. I've had multiple issues (incl. lost images) with several different Fuji cameras, so I use the following 'workflow' to reduce the chance of error:

    • always use Fuji recommended SD cards
    • use two exact same cards if the camera has two slots
    • insert them gently straight in and out
    • format both cards in the camera before a shoot
    • regularly copy (not move!) all images on the card to your computer
    • then (re)format both cards in your camera (never on your computer)
    • do not take out one card to view images on a computer/tablet and then put it back in the camera for further shooting (I share the images via my phone to a Dropbox to view them on bigger screens. Or in the studio I work tethered.)

    That way you don't have to select and delete images one by one or by group in your camera, which is a tedious process.

    In general: SD cards are not meant for long-term storage of images. Just for shooting and transport to your safe storage on a computer and back-up drives.

    Thank you ,its help me lot and best away to avoid lost my photos 

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