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  1. Thanks for the replies! yes, i was using the clarity setting (at +1) and setting it to 0 did fix the storing screen. What still bugs me tho, is that when using other shooting modes even with clarity there is no delay. But that means its definetly a Firmware issue that is hopefully resolved soon. im using a 128 GB Lexar 1667x sd card. its plenty fast and i have not encountered storage issues anywhere else so far.
  2. Hey there, i got my x-t4 about a month ago and have been really enjoying it so far. I dove into some fuji film jpg recipes over the weekend and noticed that shooting in single frame mode really slowed the camera down when using recipes. What seems to be happening is that after taking the picture the camera screen goes black, says "storing" and shows a little loading icon, after about a second its ready to take the next shot. So it seems as if the camera cant process the data in the background. So there is a "blackout" after taking photo where i cant take another photo. 20200706_104910.mp4 When using CH or CL or the BKT mode, shooting speed is not noticably slowed down and the jpg processing seems to be done in the background, even between two BKT- Shots there is no delay / processing screen and the camera is snappy as i think its supposed to be. A friend owns an x-t2 and has no speed issues when using jpg processing + single frame shooting, so i think this might be down to firmware. Has anyone heard of this, can confirm this, knows whether its a bug or a feature, knows if fuji is working on it, or has even found a solution? Thank you. (the fuji recipe i use)
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