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  1. Can someone please help me understand why XRAW Studio does NOT show me the camera profiles, and obviously then does not allow me to save profiles to the camera. For both XRAW and my XT3 I have the latest versions of software / firmware. Is the XT3 simply not able to have profiles saved from XRAW directly? Any assistance will be appreciated.
  2. Turns out a badly made remote that does not seat properly. Will have to be returned
  3. Hi all. Your assistance / advice will be greatly appreciated. I use an XT3, and acquired the Godox 350 and Godox X1T remote trigger. For some reason, the remote trigger will not fire the flash off-camera. The following may be relevant: When I have both the remote trigger and the flash off the camera, the test button on the remote trigger does fire the flash. When the flash is on the camera, I works perfectly in all modes. When the remote trigger is on the camera, it fires the flash when I press the test button on the remote trigger When I press the shutter it does NOT fire the flash. When the remote trigger is on the camera, the only flash setting available are Off and Manual. From the above, it would seem to me tat both the flash and the remote trigger in fact work, but that either: The remote trigger is not compatible with the XT3; OR There is some setting on the XT3 that I need to adjust. Any thoughts or experience with this equipment? Regards and take care.
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