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  1. One day later... although the problem with the camera persists, I am much relieved that FUJI service proposed an immediate replacement of camera and lens as I was within ten days of purchase. Let’s just hope this issue doesn’t affect my new camera that should be here by tomorrow. As much as I was disappointed by the technical problem, I have to be honest and say I was really glad with the professional and immediate help from Fuji. Much appreciated and reassuring should anything happen again down the line.
  2. It is 2020 and same problem here with a brand new GFX 100 and 63 mm lens. Tried everything from removing the lens, taking the batteries out etc. Nothing works. Have no other lens for the moment so couldn’t swap lenses to see if the problem persists. Fuji told me to send in lens and body. Repair 3 to 4 weeks ! Can’t imagine what happens if I am inmidst of an important photoshoot with this occuring. I can’t buy a second body at this price just because it is this unreliable. I’d rather go for Phase One. In the meantime I feel lucky to have a Nikon D850 workhorse as fallback. That one never failed me.
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