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    teaandcake reacted to jlmphotos in ND filters and X-H1 autofocus   
    Ah the beauty of mirrorless.  You can focus and do what you need with the ND filter(s) on - unlike dSlRs. I have not had any issues focusing with ND's on my Fuji's if that helps.
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    teaandcake reacted to Lumens in Fuji XT-2 Raw : worm effect when photographing small leaves and flowers   
    Bottom line learn what it is you are working with - that is an Xtrans sensor vs a Bayer sensor.  Fuji files are created with an Xtrans sensor which is quite sharper than a file created with a Bayer sensor.  Therefore default settings in Lightroom tend to over-sharpen when translating from the RAW format; thus creating worms.  This can be proven by simply over-sharpening any image - you will get the same effect.
    I use a preset while importing to my Lightroom Catalog that sets all sharpening to 0, then as Capture One does, I increase the Noise Reduction to 50.  This provides an imported image to work with no different than if it came from a Bayer sensor or if I was in Capture One. 
    Lately the "Go To" solution has been to use Capture One, but if you look at the default import settings it simply decreases sharpening and adds Noise Reduction to remove the worms.  Truth is both Lightroom and Capture One are both great software solutions, they simply handle Bayer & Xtrans sensors files a bit differently so you need to adjust accordingly.
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    teaandcake reacted to dennisfriesen.me in Fuji XT-2 Raw : worm effect when photographing small leaves and flowers   
    I know this is an old topic. But i wanted to tell you guys how to avoid wormy artifacts in Lightroom. 

    Under sharpening leave the "detail" slider at 0. Thats it. No wormy artifacts. No need to change your whole workflow...
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    teaandcake reacted to Raisku56 in Introduce Yourself   
    Nice to hear that you like my photo.
    I was testing my new XT-4 and the lens was 16 - 80 mm F 4.
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    teaandcake reacted to Raisku56 in Introduce Yourself   
    Hi everybody.
    I am Rainer from Helsinki, Finland. 
    I just sold all my Nikon gear (about 10 kg 😆 ) which I have been using since switching to digital 2004. I got a XT-4 and lenses 16-80 and 100-400. So far I'm very pleased.
    I shoot mainly landscapes and nature.

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    teaandcake reacted to Jim Keyte in Introduce Yourself   
    Hi everyone! 
    I'm Jim, from UK. Have just picked up a second hand X-T20, having had a Nikon D80 for a million years. 
    Enjoy most types of photography, looking to get more into macro in future 🙂
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    teaandcake reacted to mjcmt in Introduce Yourself   
    Welcome. I'm looking forward to you photos from Scotland. I'm likewise thinking of the x-t30 myself. What lens?
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    teaandcake got a reaction from Moze_snapsports in Introduce Yourself   
    Hi 🙂
    I had a Canon 100D which was my first camera and I recently got an XT30. I feel I use it a lot more than my Canon and really like it so far. 
    Im still in a bit of a dilemma about which software to use. I’m used to using Lightroom and find it’s better value for money than Capture One as it has mobile apps and offers Photoshop etc. too. 
    Ive got the free version of Capture One but have only used it a couple of times. I think I prefer the interface of Lightroom. 
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    teaandcake got a reaction from Moze_snapsports in Introduce Yourself   
    Great photo.
    I’m getting used to using manual mode and really like my Fuji so far. I find I’m more inclined to take it out with me compared to my old camera  
    I have a video call this week with a Fuji guy to go through any queries. Great service to offer and I think it’ll be really useful. 
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    teaandcake reacted to lapinbleu007 in Introduce Yourself   
    Hi, I've been practing with my Fujifilm XH1 for a little more than 7 months or so. I really enjoy the manual options that allow us to focus on our subjects without taking our eye off the subject. Below are you can find a few of my pics. You can check out the rest of my photos here https://www.flickr.com/photos/danslevent but not all of them were taken with my Fujifilm XH1.
    Cheers, Chris
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    teaandcake reacted to Paul Furness in Introduce Yourself   
    Hi, my name is Paul and I currently live in Melbourne, Australia. I say currently as I move around a lot. I am here in Melbourne doing a degree, as a mature age student, in the Arts - Photography.
    I do shoot with another system but only used for sports. I started with a Fuji X10 and progressed to the X-T1 for the interchangeable lenses. I have only just upgraded to the X-T4 and can't wait to test out its capabilities (or is that my capabilities). I am hoping that the X-T4 will work with my favourite sport Ice Hockey, if so it will become the only system I use.
    I shoot mostly sports and landscapes with a little commercial work to keep me up to date.
    I look forward to learning from this community. :)
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    teaandcake reacted to BartekWA in Introduce Yourself   
    My name is Bartek, I am a full-time photographer from Poland. I currently have x-t2 and x-pro2. It looks like they will stay with me for a long time Like many people, I sold my FF dslr nikon equipment two years ago and I loved these small but powerful X cameras and lenses. 
    lately I deal mainly with portrait photography. After hours I also practice airbrush painting.
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    teaandcake got a reaction from Olaf W. in Introduce Yourself   
    Thank you! I’ll definitely check it out when I get my camera. I’m really excited to try it. 
    I have an entry level Canon DSLR at the moment. It’s ok but not great in low light and a bit slow for wildlife or anything fast moving. Hoping the XT30 will be a big upgrade for me. Love the portability of it. I’m hopefully going on a big trek next year and it will be ideal to take with me. 
    I’ve seen reviews which say the small size is a negative but hopefully for me it’ll be a plus as I’m only little  
    I’m very much an amateur photographer but enjoy it as a hobby. I also attend a local photography group which is great. 
    I enjoy landscape and nature photography, wildlife, pretty much anything that isn’t people posing! 
    Im from Aberdeenshire in Scotland. 
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    teaandcake reacted to Olaf W. in Introduce Yourself   
    Welcome to our forum! Take a look at the X-T30 section for more information about your cam.
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    teaandcake reacted to atyl1972 in Introduce Yourself   
    Hey guys, totally new here and my second post actually, as I have already posted to the general forum. Nice to be here and I hope all are safe in these horrendous times, never more so than forums and interests such as photography should stick together and support one another. ok, I'm from Cornwall in the United Kingdom and lucky to be living in such a beautiful place for Photography. I'm in the market for a new camera after selling all my Nikon gear a while ago for financial reasons, but now would like to pursue Photography all over again, I have no ties to any brand as I have no gear at all, but I have watched a few videos on YouTube about certain Fujifilm cameras and along with the looks and functionality, they have certainly peaked my interest again in photography. 
    of course as I'm sure we're all after the best image quality when we shoot, otherwise what's the point, we all want to come away with an image or 2 if we're lucky. so please check out my original post in the general side, many thanks and I look forward to any input and advice users can offer, much appreciation. 
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    teaandcake reacted to Moze_snapsports in Introduce Yourself   
    I'm Carlos and all around new to the whole deal! Meaning, new to photography and my recent acquisition is an XT-3. My favorite side of photography is action sports, such as motocross, surf, skating and trying to focus on these. Looking forward to learn the video experience that xt3 can offer and learn\contribute with this amazing community.
    Thank You for the opportunity to joint in.

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    teaandcake reacted to Stewart Dodd in Introduce Yourself   
    I have been a Fuji user only relatively recently.  My previous system was Canon and the weight was becoming a factor.  Sold it all and now a Fuji convert. I have tried to keep it simple and small.  XT2 AND XT3  with 16-55, 50-140 plus Samyang 8mm fisheye and 100mm macro.  Still making mistakes but hey ho  there's always the delete button. I live in Dundee,  Scotland and have settled here until my toes point to the sky.
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