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    teaandcake got a reaction from Chrisrm7 in Stick with LR or switch to Capture One?   
    Sadly yes, it’s going to wipe out the lens fund! My MacBook is so slow and I get a notification saying I have no memory left when all I’ve done is open LR. It’s really slow to edit and I don’t have the patience 😂 I bought it before I was interested in photography so didn’t think about bigger memory. 
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    teaandcake reacted to Chrisrm7 in Stick with LR or switch to Capture One?   
    A new macbook will eat into the lens fund! 😅
    i’m going for a mac mini and using the tv as a monitor temporarily, cue weird display issues… 😂
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    teaandcake reacted to Chrisrm7 in Stick with LR or switch to Capture One?   
    I will have to wait to use Capture One when i get my new mac, i don’t think it is compatible with the new Apple M1 chip 😐
    so it’ll be exclusively Lightroom again for a while!
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    teaandcake got a reaction from Chrisrm7 in Introduce Yourself   
    I think some other manufacturers do it too, certainly Olympus does but I think you need to be pretty committed to buying afterwards and don’t think you have the same pressure with Fuji. 

    I’ve used Lenses for Hire a few times and there isn’t a deposit to pay, their service is great. Handy if you’re going away and need a different lens but don’t want to buy it. 
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    teaandcake reacted to Chrisrm7 in Stick with LR or switch to Capture One?   
    There will hopefully be a 25% discount in springtime, the express version however is free forever! Just limited tools 😐
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    teaandcake reacted to Chrisrm7 in Stick with LR or switch to Capture One?   
    I enjoy capture one more and seem to get better results with it to be honest. 
    if you go on youtube there’s a Fujifilm ambassador called Andy Mumford who has done a good video on using Capture One 👍🏽
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    teaandcake reacted to Chrisrm7 in Introduce Yourself   
    I think if i was to start over knowing what i know now i’d have the 16mm f1.4, the 35mm f1.4 and the 50-140mm and i’d be covered. Might start putting all the vintage lenses on Ebay and i’d almost have enough for the 16mm!!
    Lots of potential for seascapes and things in the north east, i’m a wee bit jealous of that! I get to the Auchmithie harbour occasionally and Boarhills just past St Andrews is a good spot. 
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    teaandcake reacted to Chrisrm7 in Introduce Yourself   
    Hi from Scotland!
    Came to Fujifilm (X-T30) from Canon (5D mkII) about a year ago and haven’t looked back. I’m really enjoying the X-T30 now i have it set right for me. 
    Been working on a budget so went down the adapted vintage lens route but, for me at least, it’s not the way forward. 
    I’m mostly a landscape guy and i find the old glass doesn’t quite have the resolving power for anything more than a few meters away so sticking to Fujifilm lenses for that! In the right hands though and used in the right style the vintage lenses could be used to great effect, i don’t doubt it. 
    I shoot in full manual mode to force me to slow down and take my time. Almost everything is tripod based (Gitzo carbon) and i use both Capture one and Lightroom. 
    Looking forward to being part of the Fujifilm community which seems to be growing steadily and sharing some images and info!
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    teaandcake reacted to lamacchiacosta in Stick with LR or switch to Capture One?   
    I am glad @teaandcake went to Fujifilm. I did the move a while ago buying the X-T20, coming form Nikon and previously Canon and I was blown away. Now I added a X-T3 and I won't probably go anywhere else for the time being.
    I've been doing some comparative tests with different software to see how can get the best from the X-Trans sensor, finding myself in a similar situation.
    Long story short, I am now down to Camera Raw (which is also in LR) with "Enhance details" .dng photos and Capture One Express (which won't export .dng for business reasons, I think).
    If you work a bit with the sharpening on both software you will get exactly the same level of definition. In Camera Raw is under "Edit - Detail", while in Capture One is in "Quick - Sharpening" AND "Details - Sharpening" (so in Capture One you have to work twice). I would start from 0 on both.
    Also in Capture One you have to turn down to 0 the Noise Reduction. "Details - Noise Reduction".
    Zeroing all these pre-loaded settings, will get you exact results.
    In terms of treating the pixel, I find Capture One being slightly (just slightly) better but only if you zoom up to the pixel you will notice it, so in real life this difference won't never be seen.
    My conclusion is, between the two tools, use the one you like and feel familiar most, so play with both and set yourself at ease. Helping to choose it's also dependant on your circle of photography friends. I am staying on Camera Raw because everyone I know use Adobe, but I will play a bit with Capture One to see what has to offer.
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    teaandcake got a reaction from K PRETHVIRAJ in Stick with LR or switch to Capture One?   
    I've been trying Capture One Express recently and I quite like it but it's definitely a learning curve coming from Lightroom! It may be because it's the free version so doesn't need so much memory, but it runs faster on my MacBook compared to Lightroom/Photoshop.
    Once my Adobe subscription ends I'm going to try the free trial of Capture One Pro to see what I think and go from there.
    Thanks everyone for your helpful advice and tips
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    teaandcake reacted to K PRETHVIRAJ in Stick with LR or switch to Capture One?   
    according to my experience , i might not have year's of experience . but according to my usage experience , capture one is still better than lightroom for fujifilm x-trans sensor camera files . if you need to use lightroom ,you can alternatively convert the raf file to tiff or dng using "silkypix raw x converter" or capture one itself , i assume that the free version of capture one express for fujifilm can do that . so if you only want to use a software which give the best possible results without so many tasks for fujifilm x-trans raf files capture one is the simple choice ,also topaz softwares and luminar works very nice with fujifilm x-trans sensor camera files . also "darktable" which is a lightweight and open source software ,also work very well with fujifilm raf files . i hope this helps . have a nice day !
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    teaandcake reacted to jlmphotos in Stick with LR or switch to Capture One?   
    I use both LR and C1Pro.  My desktop is a iMac, Late 2012, 16g of Ram and my laptop is a MacBook Air, 2014, 8Mb Ram.  I use the XT1, XT2, XH1, and the GFX 50R system.  I shoot both Raw +JPEG, and when working in C1 for printing I save as 16bit TIFF's at about 300MB+ each.  Both machines work well enough for my purpose.  I shoot landscapes, weddings, events with the GFX and X series system, and I use the X series for sports and action.  Paul Riefer has some GREAT content on YouTube for Capture One, and search for CAPTURE ONE -- the company itself generates some outstanding tutorials as well.
    Good Luck and I hope this helps.
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    teaandcake reacted to jlmphotos in Stick with LR or switch to Capture One?   
    I agree with many here this LR vs C1 has been beaten to death here.  Both are AMAZING.  I use both. I always import into LR. I then sort my images.  The raw files I want to truly work on I then drop in a folder (in LR). I then open c1 pro up and synch that same folder to bring in the raw files.  I work on them, then export them into a different folder called "Roundtrip from C1" 
    This folder with my finished JPEG's or TIFF's I have on my left side pane in LR that I also synch.  Waaaalaaaa My images are there for cataloging.  
    I just finished two shoots for a local manufacturer last week.  I used my Fuji X and my medium format gear.  Since I wanted to limit my post-processing due to the fact the company was on a budget, I made sure the images were as good as possible on the LCD on location.  I then used LR exclusively to save a little time in post.  This worked out great for these two jobs.  I have another job scheduled for just after the holidays photographing office employees going about their business so I may be using C1Pro as I really like their color correction for skin.  
    So making a short story very long:  It depends.  You can't go wrong with either one BUT I will say I find the C1Pro processing to generate much crisper, sharper, cleaner files than LR. But that's just me
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    teaandcake got a reaction from jlmphotos in ND filters and X-H1 autofocus   
    Thank you for this! Sorry for the huge delay in reply, I don’t think I got notified of your post. 
    Ive set up back button focus so I use this when I remember.  I’ve been having a lot of fun with my filters and it’s so easy to use them with my Fuji camera. 
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    teaandcake reacted to Jonno in Stick with LR or switch to Capture One?   
    I moved to a subscription as it works out cheaper, and as you mention you have the advantage of the latest version although that does not guarantee that something does not get broken in an update. Looks like C1 have added a dehaze in V21and graphical pop ups for some of the tool tips with tutorials signposted. Useful especially in the layers tool.  I don't see the facial recognition you mentioned, think Adobe are ahead on those kind of features. C1s strengths for Fuji is the excellent output which is a gear ahead of LR from what I have experienced. 
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    teaandcake reacted to f8lee in Stick with LR or switch to Capture One?   
    Reading this thread, I wonder what the fans of C1 think about their subscription program (same as Adobe at $10month). I presume that, like Lightroom, the subscription approach will assure one of having the "latest and greatest" version as opposed to site licensing that generally implies additional payment must be rendered for the next full version upgrade.
    Meanwhile, a question - does C1 offer the facial recognition capability that LR does? Having "taught" my LR across the 30K images I have, now if I want to call up all photos that include my brother (for example) it's simple to do. Looking over the Capture One site I do not see this function mentioned at all.
    FInally, don't know if anyone has heard of or tried Excire Foto and Search - a new program that uses AI based image recognition to assign metadata to images. ("Foto" is standalone; the "Search" add-on is the plug in for LR). I did but it a couple of weeks back and can say it does a pretty impressive job. No individual facial recognition (thought it determines if there are one, two, three or more faces and whether they are smiling or wearing glasses) but, while not perfect, pretty impressive auto recognition of architecture, a variety of animals, etc.
    Having heard good things about Irident I am going to give that a try, though frankly I have been pleased with how LR (on my Mac, if that matters) has handled the .RAF files.
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    teaandcake reacted to x-chris in Stick with LR or switch to Capture One?   
    Iridient reduces the amount of data. This means less quality. Why buying 24/26megapixels and then reducing the amount of data again... Makes no sense, huh? We used it for many images and it sucks, unfortunately...
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    teaandcake reacted to Jonno in Stick with LR or switch to Capture One?   
    I have found one issue with v21 and that is the sessions getting confused with one another, ie even when the paths were set correct for a new session images would get saved in the output folder of the previous one. 
    I do think in many ways  C1 is over complex especially for what should be a simple thing, images in and images out. It is also incredibly slow to load images in as well ,for example 300 raws and jpegs well over ten minutes on a machine that is gen 8 i7 ,32 gb ram and nvidia1070ti 8 gig on board, this computer can get 70fps with the Toliss airbus in Xplane 11 with all the sliders to the right! C1 is certainly not well optimised.
    Having said that C1s output results are nothing short of superb, haven't found anything better and have tried most. It amazes me how much you can squeeze from a raf especially highlight recovery from bright over done skies. 
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    teaandcake reacted to x-chris in Stick with LR or switch to Capture One?   
    We're using Fuji as prophotogs and LR is without any question not usable for Fuji. Period. We tried several times - forget about it.
    Capture One - excellent RAW processor for X-Trans - but the App is that buggy, that we now start to search for an alternative. But - it's damned slow. Importing is that buggy, that it won't show you the content of your Card, but random old images hidden in some cache.
    As it seems Capture one isn't able to maintain the source code of their own app bc. bugs that are well well known are inherited over many (5 generations at least) major releases...
    DAM: Never, never, never, never, never rely on Capture One... the worst DAM we know.
    Just go for Photomechanic Plus.
    So: Capture One is - as far as we know - the best of the worse alternatives for x-trans... But... honestly: if I'd been aware of the trouble x-trans creates I'd never gone for it... unfortunately...
    But - the next thing I do is creating a thread searching for a Capture One alternative.
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    teaandcake reacted to Jonno in Stick with LR or switch to Capture One?   
    I bought C1 Pro 20 perpetual licence for Fuji last January and was locked out of it this week after running out of activations and after it let me download and upgrade to version 21 which worked for 2 days. Extremely annoying as I didn't have the previous installer and wanted to process the first rafs from my new 100v. In any case and doing the maths a subscription is cheaper so I moved to this. For my Nikon D810 files I use DxO PL4 which is a perpetual licence and works out over the years of using it more expensive than an LR subscription so it seems to me that a subscription is the way to go for a lot of things these days. Thing is there is always an upgrade with something worthwhile having  with software and this is where a sub makes more sense. 
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    teaandcake reacted to graflex in Fuji XT-2 Raw : worm effect when photographing small leaves and flowers   
    Capture One is the best overall solution. Seems you're figuring that out. Dump Adobe.
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    teaandcake reacted to philippe.debeerst@photoeil in landscapes with fuji x   
    Somewhere in Flanders

    All shot with the X-pro2 and a 7Artisans 12mm
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    teaandcake reacted to Justa1972 in landscapes with fuji x   
    Late afternoon Autumn light

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    teaandcake reacted to NorthernXposure in landscapes with fuji x   
    Hi, I'm relatively new to the Fuji X System having shot with a Nikon D200 and then more recently a Nikon D610. However, I recently bought an XE2 with the 18-55mm and 10-24mm lenses for travelling and have been trying the Fuji out for some landscape work. This is one of the Forth Bridge at sunrise - shot in RAW and processed with Adobe Lightroom and finished in Perfect Effects:
    Forth Bridge by David Queenan, on Flickr
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    teaandcake reacted to papedo in landscapes with fuji x   
    i do a lot of different photography and really enjoy all of them but my secret love is still landscape photography.
    as a former nikon user (still using it sometimes) i wasn´t completely sure about the landscape capabilities of the xtrans sensors. i read a lot about it and wasn´t aware, until a few days ago, that many users don´t like the rendering for landscapes.
    anyway i decided to buy a zeiss 12mm and adapt my 100mm filter system to it. and it works fine. let me know your experience for landscape. i´m actually using the x-e2 with xf23, zeiss touit 12mm, 55-200 & 18-55. i´m now considering a x-t1 because of tilt screen and weather sealing...
    sample with the 12mm lens
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