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  1. Of course the first time I set up my camera for wireless transfers it worked like a charm now it doesn't work at all. I open the app on my phone then I press fn to get to the wireless communication on my x-pro2 and choose import images on my Android, after I chose connect ok the screen on the camera goes black and the led starts flashing green and orange and it just stays like that until I break the connection. Please help frustration is getting to me. Thanks in advance.
  2. I am about to purchase the Capture One software but the have a version for Fujifilm cameras and one for all cameras. I have just purchased a x-pro2 and this will be my camera for some time to come. My question is is there an advantage to using the fujifilm version.
  3. Great! Thank you. Noe I just have to figure out how to get there.
  4. Hi all, I am an armature photographer and I have been shooting film all my life and I am expecting a pretty steep learning curve so I will be a frequent visitor here. I finally decided to take the plunge into digital and after months of comparing camera reviews in my price range I pulled the trigger on the X-PRO2 mainly because it was more like a film camera and I could use my vintage Nikkor and Leica lenses on it, I also liked the OVF. I am excited about getting into the new, for me, world of digital Photography and getting yo know the Fuji community.
  5. Hello all, I am new to this forum and to digital photography. I just bought a new X-PRO2 and I am just starting to learn how to use the camera but one of the reasons I chose this one is so I could use my old Nikkor and Leica lenses on it. Last night I tried one of my Nikkor with the adapter I bought from B&H and every thing worked fine except the shutter I was not able to snap a picture. Is there a special setting I need to use? Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks in advance.
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