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  1. Any clues, rumors, hairs on the back of your neck about possible film sim updates for the xt3? thx!
  2. ...there is definitely a lag... of me getting the camera!!!! 😝
  3. Chris Lee from his YouTube channel pal2tech https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBT6ZUFLWSkghYRzPQkWbhA
  4. hey gang, I see that the xt3 is still available in big box stores like b&h and amazon. But for regular shops, like Samys in los angels, I don't see it listed. is supply limited? thx!
  5. Easily one of the best resources for new and even season fuji users is Chris Lee's pal2tech youtube channel. Understanding how to create custom functions, the tech behind the dr100 dr200 and dr400 setting and how to use them (and yes, they affect the RAW file!, he even gives (up) on explaining the fuji app for connecting the the camera to a smart phone... if only to prove that no, you are not insane.. fuji is! this is one stop shopping for fuji knowledge! set your brains to RECORD! Chris Lee's knowledge is not only deep.. its INFECTIOUS! https://www.youtube.com/c/pal2tech/videos
  6. Hey gang, Any guidance on auto image transfer? My understanding of this feature: enable it to activate the auto image transfer from the camera to smartphone or tablet when you shut off power to the camera. Current problem: Despite turning "auto transfer off" on the camera, I can see the connection LED light by the thumb rest flicker when I turn off the camera. The only way to "deactivate" auto transfer is to go into the play menu and select "Image transfer order" and select "reset order" to effectively elect no images... despite the fact that its a fresh card with fresh images that were never selected. quetion: what does auto transfer on/off on the camera do if it does NOT seem to turn off the auto transfer. On the app, auto transfer operates as expected: you can turn if off to not automatically transfer images. second question: What is a proper auto transfer workflow? I will shoot various days on a card. ultimately the raws get transferred via a card reader. However often i use the OOC jpgs to share immediately. the selection process of what to transfer is a slow one... either on the app or on the camera. often I just select all on the app and transfer them. This works great on a clean card. however on one with a few days shoots, and i just want to transfer just the past day's, it a tedious process either by selecting on the camera what to auto transfer or on the app on what specific images to select. On the app you can't seem to drag select for multiple files. IF I could use the "Create folder" for each of the days event shoot, have the frames go to a specific folder like "April 3 outdoor", "April 2 indoor", is there a quick way to select the entire FOLDER of images I want to wither auto transfer or on the app transfer? while requiring a little more organizational work up front to set up and assign the folder to save it, it would save TREMENDOUSLY in an organized output. thanks for reading!
  7. This has more do do that you have "evf blindness" due to your eye being accustomed to daylight. Hence the lament of optical viewfinders. anyone know of a quick way to assign "EVF BRIGHTNESS" to a command key or my menus?
  8. Pretty much after every wifi update, trash your pairings and start over. it covers wo things at once: a clean pairing setup as well as testing the pairing before you actually needing to do one. I found that this has resolved many of the pairing issues with an siphon and an xt-3. As far as the constant back and forth of the actual syncing is still cumbersome.. but that's a fuji design issues.
  9. Hey gang... Just passing some info from my three years of using this device... This adapter adapt leica M lenses to the fuji mount, with the additional feature of having a built in helicoid that allows to extend the lens out to allow for more macs shots. In the case of the Leica lens line up, since it has a minimum focusing distance of 0.7 meters, the adapter helps overcome this limitation to enable close focus, but not necessarily macro level... IMHO, if you're going to get a leica M adapter to your fuji, this is the one. The ability to extend your close focusing to about half of the 0.7 meter rating of leica lenses is a plus. its construction is solid. The motion of the helicoid feels just as smooth as when first purchased. No chipped paint like in other mount adapters. Helicoid activation is a switch on he lower left (lens facing away from you in normal camera handling position) in a very natural position of you are accustomed to the leica focusing tab. Its far enough away to not interfere with normal focusing. You push forward on the spring loaded locking mechanism and rotate the helicoid to the desired depth...you will see the lens extend out less than a centimeter. The entire circumference of the helicoid is riveted for easier grasping to turn the helicoid from any position, however its best operated by the tab that unlocks it. In short, the helicoid feels like an extension fo the camera/lens itself, rather than the adapter. Size? Slightly larger than a straight adapter, to accommodate the helicoid and its operation Cons? Its a dumb adapter, so no lens information is passed from the lens to camera. While the mount to camera seems solid, the mount to lens seems to have just the slightest wiggle.. might be after three years of use, but figure I mention it. It appears to have no affect on the optical performance or security of the mounted lens. However I've never noticed this with a natively mounted lens. facing the mounted adapter, the leica lens has to be mounted just counterclockwise to the indicted mounting point. No Biggie. FYI, I have no experience with the fujifilm branded leica m adapter or the Novoflex adapter to compare. Only the CRAP Kipon adapters that don't even fit the leica lenses!!!
  10. Hey gang! While any of us can celebrate the xt3's 4.0+ firmware changed to AF and others. What about film sim Kaizen? These film sims are only getting better... so to deny us xt3 users of this magic? "Get an x-t4" says a barbarian in the back. No! Love my flip screen and my photometric dial! Video Smeideo... who needs those features... IBS: Irritable Bowel Syndrome? No thanks! PLEASE send us some KAISEN love fuji and give or sell us these film sims!!! Thx!!!
  11. I narrowed down my problem: I use a sandisk and a lexar SD cards int he camera. when I remove the lexar and out a same speed sands, the camera boots up fine!!! when I remove all dandies and out the lexar, it has that 5 second delay start. its the Lexar card. I have a video zoom call with some fuji tech guys tomorrow, I will ask them. in the meantime I will empty the lexar, do a low level reformat and try again. will report back. Check your cards and report back!
  12. Hey Jknapoo I had an X-t2. Have an x-t3 since its come out. This was never an issue on the x-t2. On the X-t3 this was never an issue UNTIL a couple of firmware updates ago. I noticed that when I turned it on after a firmware update it had the SAME problem that you described. The SD card blnks green during the delay. I have a Sandisk and lexar 128 MB v90 300mb/s cards rated for 4K video sustained recording. Not cheap cards at all. I use only a Leica Summilux lens, no fuji lenses at all. So no electronic connection to the lens. not sure if its good or bad. During my street photography shoots, I leave it on with an aggressive power save shutdown after 30 seconds. This circumvents the boot up which is, for the x-t3, unacceptable. By contrast, I have a Canon R for studio work, it has a fast boot up, I leave the power save shutdown OFF or I loose the live wifi transfer. Both solutions require extra batteries, though 😉. So in conclusion, the boot up time appears to be a recent unfortunate addition from a firmware update. The Solution is to anticipate it by leaving the camera on standby, not off, set the power down to 30 seconds or less, bring extra batteries. We should talk to fuji as its unacceptable. shutter lag is rated at 45ms lag. however we haven't rated boot time for cameras in recent specs because its been a non issue for the past 10 years IMHO. Curious of our X-t4 brothers and sisters have a similar report.
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