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  1. Hello Neal3K!! Thank you for the welcome!! Yes, what an exciting time we live in....I'm so excited to dabble in the world of BIG digital MF....and exploring the retro-world of MF film!! I've not given up on regular Digital FF, but it is on the back burner right now with all these new (to me) larger format tools!! Your IR filtered stuff sounds interesting!!! I looked up that film....what filter are you using? Is there a place on the forum you could post a couple of example images? Thank you in advance!! C
  2. I just recently pulled the trigger on a used GFX100...and till I can save up, will need to use adapted lenses. I got the Fotodiox "smart" adapter, hoping to use some of my Canon EF L lenses...I'm really hoping the 100L macro works well with this. I also have some Hasselblad MF lenses so, I'm trying the new Hasselblad V Lens to Fujifilm G mount (GFX) T CINE Adapter....to see how well the Hassy 50, 80 and 150 lenses work on the GFX. I"m really hoping those work well, as that they actually have a larger image circle than the GFX100 sensor and the adapter will actually give me about 1 more stop of light on each one. While researching, I was puzzled to find that most lens manufacturers' specs do NOT include image circle....wish they did, as that it would make the hunt for adaptable lenses much easier. cayenne
  3. Well, looks like my first post here is the first post on this forum!! ;) I found a used GFX100 and thought it was a good deal...and I dropped the hammer on it. Even used price eats up a LOT of funds....but I found that the 50mm GF 3.5 lens was half price about $499 or so at B&H, so I got that. I also went ahead and got the Fotodiox new adapter and hoping I can use some of my Canon L glass with it adapted....and I purchased the new Metabones Speedbooster Cine adapter so that I can use my Hasselblad V System lenses...which I'm hoping will really be something fun to use and experiment with. ON the Hassy lens, I have the 50mm, the 80mm and the 150mm....all in really near mint condition. I have a Hasselblad 501CM 6x6 film camera, and honestly, I was holding on to let them put out the new CFV 50 C II Digital back to use on my old 501 CM....but I started getting the GFX100 under my skin and watched WAY too many YouTube videos on it and when I found the used one, I couldn't resist. Anyway, This will be my first Fuji digital camera. I scored a good deal on an older MF Fuji GSW690 III MF 6x9 camera...it is fixed lens, but WOW..talk about great images!! So, that's where I am...hoping it comes in by this weekend. I'll start researching and maybe trying to rent a few of the nicer Fuji GF lenses, all of which seem awesome, but need to figure which one(s) to start saving my pennies for first. Ok, my first post on the forum....Hello Everyone!! cayenne
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