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  1. I'm due for a system wipe, gonna try Windows 10 1903 build (the computer I have that this webcam tool actually worked on), as I'm currently rocking 1909. We'll see. Will report back. **Update: Nope, after a full day of trying to get my system back to Windows 10 1903 (had to go back to 1511, the only old win10 image I had, cause MS doesn't hand out 1903 any longer, and update my way to 1903, ), and I can say that's not it.
  2. dwha, this did not work for me, same error. I tried it with the link and file you provided, and with Microsoft's English version website (tried both VC 2017 & 2019 there). *edit [also restarted after each install and of course uninstalled before trying the next one] You seemed sure that would work, are you aware of something specific within that installer that you think is the root issue?
  3. Levster, yes, for me, it was one of the first things I tried.
  4. korobey, this did not work for me. Same error.
  5. I have the same exact problem. (HRESULT -2147024770), and the same fujivcam.dll. I've also tried it on two different Win10 systems as well.
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