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  1. Check this out. Mine is XT100 and I encountered the same issue. Problem solved. ^^
  2. I think the glitch is caused by the round plastic bit adjoining the eye sensor. The eye sensor is situated at the bottom. After using the camera for a period, the either side of the eye piece (mine is on the left) somehow starts interfering/blocking the eye sensor. If the eye piece was detachable (like the one on X-T1), you would see what's causing the issue. Sadly, it can't be removed. I used a small cracked piece from a cell phone screen protector to stuff the gap. It's safe to insert anything thin and tiny by using a screw driver to pry the edge of the flexible eye piece. Enlarging the gap does the trick. ^^
  3. I came across the same issue as well. Problem solved. After inserting a flimsy plastic piece (anything with certain thickness), it is back in business. It seems this is a problem about the sensitivity of the sensor. I first used a screw driver to create a tiny gap in between, and it worked. Stupid thing. ^^ Check out this picture by opening the link below. >>>https://www.flickr.com/photos/101229715@N05/49993152063/in/dateposted-public/<<<
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