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  1. Yes. Excuse the quality as I have had to reduce it from 4K Dscf7475-40.3gp
  2. Anyone have a solution to my problem. I was shooting 4K today with my XT3 and the shots with a mobile phone screen in it had dark bands crossing the phone screen. I realise it would be down to frequency but does anyone know of what settings to put into the camera to counteract this issue. My frame rate was 29.97fps H.265 (HEVC)/H.264. My ISO setting was 400 and it was a sunny day. Thanks in advance
  3. I have been a Fuji user only relatively recently. My previous system was Canon and the weight was becoming a factor. Sold it all and now a Fuji convert. I have tried to keep it simple and small. XT2 AND XT3 with 16-55, 50-140 plus Samyang 8mm fisheye and 100mm macro. Still making mistakes but hey ho there's always the delete button. I live in Dundee, Scotland and have settled here until my toes point to the sky.
  4. I have recently purchased a manual macro lens for my XT3 and struggle to get critical sharpness of the subject matter with the rear screen image being on the small side for me. I have been considering buying a Feelworld Camera Monitor but don't know which one to purchase. Any guidance on this matter would be appreciated.
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