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  1. Hello, I have a 2 year old X100F that has a problem with the aperture blades being stuck. It appears to be suck at about f2.8-4. I bought the camera new in the US about 2 years ago, I currently live in Asia and need advice on having it repaired. I contacted the place of purchase but they can't help because its beyond warranty. I contacted the Fujifilm repair USA office but they told me to contact the Fujifilm Malaysia office. Fuji Malaysia said the US office is wrong that I should contact an office closer to my area. They did however suggest resetting the camera preferences but this was no help. My last resort is to contact the Fujifilm Japan office but it is closed indefinitely due to quarantine. So my only solution may be to try and fix it myself. Has anyone here experienced their aperture blades stuck in their X100F? Has anyone been able to take the camera apart and fix it themselves? I'm extremely disappointed with Fuji and that this happened in less than 2 years of owning this camera and now no reasonable solution to fix it. I've also read that the repair for this problem is quite expensive. It would be nice to know if anyone has had similar issues and any luck with repairs. Until now I loved Fuji and this camera however I can't be more disappointed. Thanks
  2. A few months ago my X100F started showing signs of the sticking aperture blade problem. I noticed the problem when I was trying to shoot in video using Manual mode, the aperture wouldn't open or close. I usually shoot in AP mode but with closer inspection notice that it's stuck at about f2.8. In both manual or AP there is no movement in aperture when trying to open or close using the aperture ring and pressing shutter half way. I've tried resetting preferences and the firmware is updated but no luck. I bought the camera new 2 years ago in the US but I currently live in Asia. I contacted Fujifilm USA but they told me to contact the office in Malaysia. The office in Malaysia said that I should contact the office closer to my region which is Northern Asia. I looked at the Fujifilm Japan website but their repair offices are closed indefinitely. I seriously loved this camera and always treated it extremely well. I don't understand why this problem occurred and how to get it fixed. From what I understand it'a quite an expensive repair. I read about $600. I'm extremely disappointed with Fujifilm and have had no luck with their repair or customer service. Has anyone had success taking this camera apart to fix this problem. It doesn't look like I'm going to get any help from Fujifilm anytime soon. Any help or insight into repair would be greatly appreciated.
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